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-Fav Characters
-Fic Likes/Dislikes


Harry Potter
-Characters: Xenophilius Lovegood, Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter, Tom Riddle, Voldemort,  Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Abraxas Malfoy, Albus Severus Potter, Gellert Grindewald, Rose Weasley, Rabastan Lestrange, Barty Crouch Jr.

-Pairings: Lucius/Hermione, Lucius/Harry, Lucius/Severus, Severus/Harry, Severus/Hermione, Harry/Tom Riddle, Tom Riddle/Harry/Lucius, Tom Riddle/Hermione, Harry/Voldemort , Severus/Lily/James/Sirius/Remus, Lucius/Hermione/Draco, Draco/Harry, Albus Severus/Scorpius, Severus/Lily, Sirius/Remus, Lucius/Draco, Harry/Xenophilius, Hermione/Xenophilius, Fred/George, Fred/Harry/George, James/Sirius, Luna/Xenophilius, Severus/Remus, Neville/Luna, Abraxas/Lucius, Lily Luna/Xenophilius, Albus Severus/Draco, Scorpius/Harry, Albus Severus/James Sirius, Tom Riddle/Ginny, Severus/Hermione/Lucius, Xenophilius/Lucius, Percy/Ginny, Hermione/Abraxas, Abraxas/Tom Riddle, Tom Riddle/Hermione/Abraxas, Regulus/Remus, Regulus/Sirius, Regulus/Severus, Regulus/Lucius, Regulus/Tom Riddle, Regulus/Harry, Gellert/Tom Riddle, Gellert/Albus, Gellert/Harry, Rabastan/Harry, Voldemort(or Tom)//Bellatrix/Harry/Rabastan

*Note: Incest pairings should be consensual or dub-con only. Minor/Adult pairings should be at least 15yrs. old

Something to keep in mind... I am officially a Slytherin according to Pottermore. And it's my favorite house, with Ravenclaw coming in a close second. My Ilvermorny house is Horned-Serpent.

Doctor Who (New Who)
-Characters: Nine, Rose, Ten, Donna, Jenny,  Eleven, Amy, Rory, Twelve, Clara
-Pairings: Nine/Rose, Nine/Jack, Nine/Rose/Jack, Ten/Rose, TenII/Rose, Eleven/Amy/Rory, Eleven/Rose, Twelve/Clara, Clara/All Doctors*
*I have a massive unpopular headcanon involving Clara

Doctor Who (Classic Who)
-Characters: Two, Jamie, Zoe, Three, Sarah Jane, Five, Four, Eight
-Pairings: Two/Jamie, Three/Master, Jamie/Any Doctor

Legends of Tomorrow
-Characters: Leonard Snart, Mick Rory, Sara Lance
-Pairings: Leonard/Ray(ColdAtom), Leonard/Sara(CaptainCanary), Leonard/Mick(ColdWave), Leonard/Sara/Mick(Rogue Canary), Mick/Ray(AtomWave), Leonard/Barry/Mick(ColdFlashWave), Leonard/Ray/Mick(ColdAtomWave), Mick/Sara(??CanaryWave??), Rip/Jonah(TimeHex)

The Flash
-Characters: Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Harrison Wells, Leonard Snart
-Pairings: Barry/Felicity(Baricity), Barry/Leonard(ColdFlash), Cisco/Lisa(GoldenVibe), Leonard/Mick(ColdWave), Leonard/Barry/Mick(ColdFlashWave), Leonard/Hartley(CaptainPiper), Leonard/Barry/Hartly(PiedColdFlash)

-Characters: Tommy Merlyn, Sara Lance, Malcolm Merlyn
-Pairings: Laurel/Tommy, Felicity/Barry, Felicity/Ray, Oliver/Sara

Top Gear UK/ The Grand Tour The Three Idiots
-Favorites in order: Richard, James, Jeremy
-Pairings and Friendships: Hammond/Oliver, Richard&Jeremy, Richard&James, Jeremy&James
-Favorite Cars: Aston Martin DB9, AC Shelby Cobra, Mini Cooper, Bugatti Veyron & Oliver ;p

Star Trek: Voyager
-Characters: The Doctor, Tom Paris, Chakotay
-Pairings: Kathryn/Chakotay, Tom/B'lanna, Tom/Kes, The Doctor/Kes, The Doctor/Seven of Nine

The Blacklist
-Characters: Reddington

House M.D.
-Characters: House, Chase
-Pairings: House/Cameron

Prison Break
-Characters: Michael
-Pairings: Michael/Sara

Once Upon A Time
-Characters: Mr.Gold/Rumpelstiltskin, Belle, Ruby
-Pairings: Rumpelstiltskin/Belle
(I stopped watching halfway through season 3)

-Characters: Michael Britten

White Collar
-Pairings: Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, Peter/Neal

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-Characters: Spike, Rupert Giles, Ethan Rayne, Xander Harris
-Pairings: Buffy/Giles, Buffy/Spike, Giles/Ethan, Buffy/Giles/Ethan, Spike/Xander, Buffy/Ethan

-Characters: Doyle, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce
-Pairings: Cordy/Doyle, Angel/Cordy, Wesley/Fred, Angel/Lindsey

-Characters: Fitz, Methos, Amanda, Darius
-Pairings: Duncan/Methos, Duncan/Fitz, Methos/Fitz, Methos/Byron

Stargate SG-1
-Characters: Daniel Jackson, Sam Carter, Jonas Quinn, Vala Mal Doran, Ba'al
-Pairings: Jack/Daniel, Daniel/Vala, Rodney/Jonas, Sam/Rodney, Jack/Mayborne

Stargate Atlantis
-Characters: Rodney McKay, Carson Beckett, Radek Zelenka
-Pairings: Rodney/Carson, Rodney/Radek, Daniel/Rodney, Rodney/Carson/Radek

Stargate: SGU
-Characters: Eli, Rush
(Only seen Season 1)

-Characters: Jack, Ianto
-Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Jack, Jack/John
(I've not seen Miracle Day)

Blake's 7
-Characters: Avon, Orac, Zen, Vila, Blake, Travis1
-Pairings: Blake/Avon, Avon/Vila, Travis/Carnell, Avon/Servalan

Star Trek: TOS
-Characters: Spock, Kirk, Bones
-Pairings: Kirk/Spock, Spock/McCoy, Kirk/Spock/McCoy

Star Trek: AOS
-Characters: Spock, Chekov

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
-Pairings: Harry/Perry

Sherlock Holmes 2009 RDJ Movies
-Pairings: Holmes/Watson

-Characters: Peter Petrelli, Mohinder Suresh, Sylar
-Pairings: Peter/Claire, Syler/Elle, Claire/Sylar, Peter/Sylar, Peter/Claire/Sylar

-Characters: Tyr, Dylan, Harper, Rhade (Gaheris & Telemechus)
-Pairings: Dylan/Tyr, Tyr/Harper, Dylan/Tyr/Harper

Lord of the Rings
-Characters: Boromir, Pippin, Aragorn, Sam, Legolas
-Pairings: Merry/Pippin, Aragorn/Boromir

Robin Hood 2006
-Pairings: Robin/Guy, Robin/Marian/Guy

-Characters: Chris, Phoebe, Prue, Paige
-Pairings: Phoebe/Cole, Phoebe/Drake

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
-Pairings: Dastan/Tamina

Babylon 5/Crusade
-Characters: Garibaldi, G'Kar, Vir, Londo, Delenn, Lennier, Galen

-Characters: Will, Helen, Watson, Tesla

-Characters: Merlin
(I've only seen Season 1 & 2)

Tin Man
-Pairings: Cain/Glitch
-Characters: Cain, Glitch

Neverland (SyFy)
-Characters: James Hook, Peter

X-Men: First Class
-Pairing: Charles/Erik

-Pairings: Mal/Inara, Mal/Wash
-Characters: Mal, River, Kaylee

Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister
-Character: Sir Humphrey Appleby

-Characters: Eliot Spencer

Covert Affairs
-Pairings: Annie/Auggie

-Characters: Blackadder, Baldrick, Queenie, Lord Percy Percy, George, Kevin Darling

-Characters: Tom Quinn, Zoe Reynolds

The Thick of It
-Characters: Malcom Tucker, Olly Reeder

SeaQuest DSV:
-Characters: Lucas, Darwin

-Characters: Richard Castle, Kate Beckett, Alexis Castle
-Pairings: Castle/Becket

-Characters: Zack Addy, Angela Montenegro, Max Keenan, Colin Fisher, Gordon Wyatt
-Pairings: Brennan/Booth, Angela/Hodgins

Veronica Mars
-Characters: Logan, Weevil, Veronica
-Pairings: Veronica/Logan

-Characters: Karen Cartwright, Derek Wills, Tom Levitt, Ivy Lynn

Game of Thrones
-Characters: Ned Stark, Bran Stark, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen
(Only seasons 1 & 2)

-Characters: Loki, Tony Stark
-Pairings: Thor/Loki

-Characters: Topher, Echo, Sierra
-Pairings: Victor/Sierra

Sherlock BBC
-Characters: Sherlock, John, Molly

-Characters: Dorian Gaudain, Jonty Millington, Charlotte Arc
-Pairings: Dorian/Charlotte, Jonty/Ross, Dorian/Jonty

-Pairings: Methos/Jack Harkness(Highlander/Torchwood), Avon/Steel(Blake's 7/Sapphire & Steel), Loki/Illyria (MCU/Angel), John Doe/Jane Doe(John Doe/Blindspot)

Ringo Starr/Keith Moon, Ringo Starr/George Harrison, John Lennon/Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey/Keith Moon, Roger Daltrey/Pete Townshend, RDJ/Jude Law


Roger Daltrey, Ringo Starr, Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Val Kilmer, Scott Hamilton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eliza Dushku, Jessica Alba, Katherine Heigl, William Shatner, James Marsters, David Hewlett, David Nykl, Michael Shanks, Johnny Depp, Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Grant, David Boreanaz, John Barrowman, Peter Wingfield, Adrian Paul, Vin Diesel, Kristin Bell, Johnny Weir, Paul McGillion, Christopher Gorham, Tom Felton, Matt Bomer, Peter Woodward, Alan Rickman, Rhys Ifans, Tom Hiddleston, Matt Smith, David Tennant, Evan Lysacek,  Jason Isaacs, Evanna Lynch, Emma Watson, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, Piers Morgan, Evgeni Plushenko, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hughes, Hugh Laurie, Christian Cooke, Ralph Fiennes, Christian Coulson, Christian Kane, Peter Capaldi, Paul McGann, Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell

My musical tastes span just about every era and genre of music. If I hear something I like I'll listen to it regardless of what it is or how 'popular' it is. I have a soft spot for classic rock from the 60's & 70's as well as 80's rock.

The Who, The Beatles, Oasis, Kenny Chesney, Billie Holiday, Christian Kane, Prince, Michael Jackson, Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, Maroon 5, The Eagles, ABBA, Brad Paisley, Journey, Jim Byrnes, Trisha Yearwood, Johnny Cash, Bret Michaels, Elvis Presley, The Beach Boys, Julian Lennon,  The Carpenters, Bruce Springsteen, Reba McEntire, NKOTB, Bon Jovi, Rascal Flatts, Sugarland, CCR, The Monkeys, Aerosmith, Geri Halliwell, The Kinks, Keith Urban, Billy Gilman, The Peth, The Judds, Roger Daltrey, Keith Urban, James Durbin, John Barrowman, Ringo Starr, Terry McDermott, The Clash, The Cure


First; NO I have not read 50 Shades of Grey nor will I ever read it. It needs to be wiped from the face of the planet, permanently.

Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton
-Pairings: Anita/Jean-Claude, Anita/Asher, Anita/Jean-Claude/Asher, Jean-Claude/Asher, Anita/Nathaniel, Anita/Jason, Anita/Damien, Anita/Micah/Nathaniel, Nathaniel/Micah
-Characters: Anita, Nathaniel, Jean-Claude, Jason, Edward

Southern Vampire Mysteries (Sookie Stackhouse) by Charlaine Harris (NOT True Blood)
-Pairings: Sookie/Eric

Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon (NOT the TV show)
-Pairings: Jamie/Claire, Jamie/Lord John

Merry Gentry Series by Laurell K. Hamilton
-Pairings: Merry/Doyle, Merry/Frost, Frost/Doyle, Merry/Frost/Doyle, Merry/Sholto

Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich
-Pairing: Stephanie/Ranger

Honor Harrington Series by David Weber (About The Series)
-Pairings: Honor/Hamish, Honor/Hamish/Emily
-Characters: Honor, Hamish, Andreas Venizelos, Alistar McKeon, Alice Truman, Scotty Tremaine, Horace Harkness, Mike Henke, (all of Honor's people), All Treecats, Warner Caslet, Tom Thiesman, Victor Cachet, Thandi Palane, Kevin Usher, Queen Berry (and All her people), Estelle Matsuko....

In Death Series by J.D. Robb
-Pairings: Eve/Roarks, Peabody/McNab

Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (Not the TV show, except Bob)
-Characters: Harry, Thomas, Bob (Skull!Bob & TV!Bob), Mouse, Mister, Molly, Karrin

Codex Alera Series by Jim Butcher

Garrett P.I. Series by Glen Cook

Black Jewels Series by Anne Bishop
-Pairing: Daemon 'Sadi'/Jaenelle Angelline

The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy Quartet by A.N. Roquelaure <-- Read this instead of 50 Shades, much better use of your time

The Elenium and The Tamuli Trilogies by David Eddings

Anne Rice, Harlan Coben, Erica Spindler, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel, Catherine Coulter, Debbie Macomber, Karen Marie Moning, Bertrice Small, Christine Feehan, Phyllis A. Whitney, Constance O'Day Flannery, Fern Michaels, Wedy Corsi Staub, Melanie Rawn, Kate Forsyth, Laurie Stolarz, Tanya Huff... and many more

Find more of my favorites here and here

Other Movies/TV: (Things I'm not fannish about)

Under the Tuscan Sun, Love Actually, Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne, James Bond, Resident Evil, The Matrix, Chocolat, Dirty Dancing, The Thorn Birds, X-Men, Spiderman (Toby MacGuire), The Fast and the Furious, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick, MIB, Anonymous, Star Wars (IV, V, VI), Danny Deckchair, Richard Sharpe

Fairly Legal, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, Amazing Race, Project Runway, Face Off, American Idol, Relic Hunter, Tracker, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Missing, Brotherhood, Case Histories, The Graham Norton Show, Jeopardy, 7 Days, Cold Case, The Mentalist, Numb3rs, The Thin Blue Line, Mr. Bean, Engineering Connections, Orphan Black, Defiance, Broadchurch, Arrow, The Carrie Diaries, Elementary, Cedar Cove, Atlantis, Forever, Supernatural, Blindspot, Primeval

Civilization, Master of Orion 2, Pharaoh, Jewel Quest, Bejeweled, Dragon Cave, Pac-Man, Zelda (original), Puzzle and Dragons, Quiz Up, Doctor Who: Legacy, Dragon City

Dragons (fantasy or western), Cats/Kittens, Dogs/Puppies, Chocolate, The Phantom of the Opera (the play, NOT the movie), Paris, London, England, Scotland, Wales, Blue, Purple, Black, Green, Silver, light pink paired with light-medium grey, Recipes, Seasons

I'm not generally big on sports, but I've been reminded of my love of soccer and Arsenal FC in particular. ;) As for other sports, I like baseball and can deal with American Football. I also love Figure Skating.

Fic Likes/Kinks: Partial List
H/C, AU/AR, UST, Age Difference, Hair Fetish (Men with extra long hair), Shoe Fetish, Sex in public, Aliens made them do it, Sex or die, Angst, Tattoo Fetish,
Double Penetration, First Time, Fisting, Frottage, Humor, Incest, PWP, Rimming, Shower Sex, Snark, Topping from the bottom, Voyeurism, Watersports, Threesomes/moresomes, Dub-Con, Cum Play, Bonding, Redwings, Time Travel, light BDSM, Multi-Chapter EPICS, light D/s, Bondage, Parselsumt, Sounding, *Tentacles, Mpreg, Bloodplay, Knifeplay, Rape Fantasy

Fic Dislikes:
Scat, Necrophilia, Extreme Underage: 13 or younger, Rape,
Sadomasochism, *Bestiality, Asphyxiation, *Genderbender, Soap/Shampoo/Conditioner/Shower Gel as lube, Torture, Major Character Death, Excessive OOC-ness*, Excessive grammar!fail, character bashing*

OMC/OFC: If done well, I like them
*Bestiality: I'm ok with the partially shifted forms from the Anita Blake Series
*Genderbender: use of Polyjuice Potion is acceptable (and encouraged)  ;)
Slavefic: Depends on how it's done. I've read a few I really like
Songfic: Depends on how it's done. I've read a few I really like
Wingfic: I've never read one...Rec me one and I'll see if I like it (I have read Veela!fic♥)
*Tentacles: Demons or Fae with tentacles, plants, use of magic/spells to create tentacles are all ok.... No Giant Squid please!
*OOC: Crack!fic and well written purposeful OOC is acceptable
*Character bashing: Ginny, Ron or Dumbles bashing is ok

For Graphics:
Wallpaper: 1024x768 or 1152x864
I would love a Dreamwidth layout that I could easily change out headers on and with specific fonts
Tumblrs: Please post on Tumblr & provide link
Fanmixes: All types of music are acceptable (YouTube links or Spotify playlists work better than downloads/8Tracks for me)
FB Header/Twitter Header that displays multiple fandoms/likes
Blinkies: Like This
Pic Spams: Like This or This or this
Icons: No odd crops or over lightened/washed out
Photoshop textures/brushes/patterns/shapes/styles

My graphics (some of them) can be found here 
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