Sep. 19th, 2025

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My HP Fic Recs. I tend to like multi-chapter epics (50,000+ words) and the majority of them are rated R/NC-17. I much prefer fics that aren't on, but I won't rule out reading them if there are good reviews (gushing over the author doesn't count) even then I'm leery however. I also prefer completed fics, I've been burned too many times by WIP's, my one continual exception is AYLNO.

A note to all HP authors: If you have fic on, please consider moving it to AO3 or another HP archive. There are many to choose from, if you need help finding one, ask, please, it will only work to your benefit.

Why, yes I've found a fandom where I like Het pairings. ;) It happens so rarely it deserves special notice. *grins*

NOTE: Updated July 20th 2017

Recs are divided up by pairing

You can find more recs in my memories here, with my recs tag here and on AO3 here. All these links have multifandom recs, not just HP. You will also find more recs in many fandoms here

NOTE: Some links may be broken, I am trying to list other places to find those fics. If you find a broken link, leave a comment and I'll try to fix it.

Lucius/Hermione )

Lucius/Hermione/Severus )

Harry/Draco )
Lucius/Harry )
Severus/Harry )
Draco/Hermione/Lucius )
Severus/Hermione )

Tom Riddle Pairings... )

Other Pairings )

Gen )

I'm always looking for new fics to read. If you know of a fic you think I'll love, based on these recs, feel free to leave a comment here. You can see other pairings I'm interested in here.


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