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Day 14

In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

Fic Recs from some of my smaller fandoms:

The Knight's Quest by [ profile] lionille [Tin Man, Cain/Glitch, PG] The Queen has made a Formal Request of her most trusted Tin Man, one that could conceivably take Cain the rest of his life. For Glitch, however, Cain is willing to go to the ends of the earth

Divide by [ profile] babel [Blake's 7, Travis/Carnell, NC-17] A visit to a conditioning facility revives Travis's memories from the psychiatric evaluation he underwent to join Space Fleet.

Something Yet To Learn by [ profile] van [Blake's 7, unrequited-Vila/Tarrant, implied-Avon/Vila, R] Tarrant tries to put the pieces back together after Gauda Prime and is surprised by what sticks.

Blood in the Ink in the Headlines by [ profile] rat_chan [Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Perry/Harry, NC-17] Perry gets a disturbing call about Harry -- from the LA County Morgue. It has all got to be a mistake, hasn't it?

A Few Art/Vid Recs:

ART: Neverland by [ profile] van [Doctor Who/Peter Pan, Two, Jamie, Victoria, G] Doctor as Captain Hook and Jamie as Peter Pan and Victoria as Wendy Darling

VID: Sherlock Holmes - Tik Tok by PrettyMoonPuppet [Sherlock Holmes movie!verse, Holmes, Watson, PG-13]

VID: Slash Fiction Blues byBluesGuyMr [All Fandoms, R/NC-17] A humorous look at the addictive properties of the phenomenon that is slash fanfiction.
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